December 18, 2013

Winter Elves of Lennart Helje

Swedish artist Lennart Helje is known for painting carefree little elves
in Nordic landscapes that have been blanketed in snow.
His droll, red-capped gnomes enjoy taking leisurely hikes through the countryside 
and making new woodland friends along the way.

Helje's amiable illustrations have been featured internationally 
on UNICEF Christmas cards, as well as on postal stamps and Christmas seals.

As you enjoy his paintings, be sure to take in the sense of hushed calm
they exude with their soft tones and relaxed moods.


  1. I would love to buy his paintings as a print or poster! Do you know if it is possible somewhere..?

    1. Don't have contact info for him. If I were you, I'd try Google, or UNICEF.
      Thanks for visiting My Paisley World!

  2. sono de-li-zio-si!
    Grazie di averli proposti

  3. Go to Sweden and find a bookshop. They sell these postcards in wintertime. Good luck, Fridrun


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