February 27, 2013



Today I'm sharing a selection of gorgeous paisley patterns with you,
in celebration of the first year anniversary of my online shop, Paisley Beading!


In my blog post entitled Paisley Beading on Etsy, I introduced my shop 
and mentioned that I'd fill you in later about how I came up with the name.


I was determined  to find the perfect title to reflect my style and the style of my creations.  
Lots of my ideas were either too cutesy, or too stuffy and elegant.

Yep, I was on a quest for that perfect Goldilocks bowl of porridge.


I thought about the paisley motif, which had always been a favorite of mine.

I've had paisley scarves, shirts, note cards, wrapping paper, beach towels, jewelry and tote bags.
I've always found paisley printed men's neckties to be attractive.
At one time, we had a green paisley print comforter on our bed.


So what I realized is that the paisley has always been around, and it always will be.
All at once, it can be classic and modern. 
Traditional and contemporary. 
Boardroom and Boho.
I had found my name.

From Paisley Beading came this blog, which, as you know, I called My Paisley World.


You can see by the patterns I've collected here that paisley can be old world or new and funky.


The paisley shape has been referred to as a kidney, a droplet, a comma, or a teardrop,
which has been either swirled, twisted or curved.


The origin of paisley is in India and Persia, but it received its name from the town 
Paisley, Scotland, where the paisley design was incorporated into beautiful shawls.
These hand looms had the ability to weave 5 and eventually up to 15 colors, instead of the original 2.


You may recognize that the bandana print has its roots in the paisley pattern.

In 1968, The Beatles went on their well-publicized pilgrimage to India. 
This boosted the popularity of paisley, which, reflecting the culture of India, 
became associated with the hippie, psychedelic styles of the 60's and 70's.  


So, paisley it is! 
Always loved it. Always will.

February 25, 2013

Needlepoint by Kasia Urban Rybska

Pliers, Screwdriver, & Scissors Pillows

Kasia Urban Rybska designs and creates needlepoint like no other.
Contemporary, quirky, and fun!
I'm quite sure you'll be enthralled by her story.
Enjoy our interview and these examples of her whimsical, upbeat works of art!

Sink Giant Pillow


Tell us a little about yourself!
I live in Krakow, Poland and I'm a mother of two beautiful girls.  In university, I studied Arabic culture and language. At that time, this was an easier way to visit another country, as Poland was still under strong communist rule.

Japanese Manga / Polish Folk ART Dolls


How did you learn to do needlepoint?
During my 5 year study, I went to London for a year. It was still a hard time in Poland; our world wasn't as rich and colorful. I remember my first visit to a bookstore on Oxford Street. There I found a beautiful book called "Glorious Needlepoint" by Kaffe Fassett. I had never seen anything like it! I couldn't stop thinking about it, so with the first money I earned, I bought that fantastic book! And it's still with me! It has a place of pride on my bookshelf. So, I have to say that it all started from that book!

Cockerels Pillow


Have you done other forms of stitchery?
Yes, all sorts! It was my grandma who first showed me what you can do with needles - crochet needle and knitting needles. I was about 4 or 5 years old. From that time on, I constantly tried to create something. With varied results, I must say!

Geisha in Necklace


What was it that led you to create your own designs, instead of using pre-made patterns? 
Needlepoint designs are usually very refined, elegant, and quite serious. Why is that so? When you devote a lot of time to something, (and needlepoint is a very time-consuming technique), you take your work seriously and it is quite natural to choose rather serious motifs and themes such as running horses, William Morris' flower garden, or Mona Lisa's smile.
I am definitely more fascinated by the possibility of making this extremely labor-intensive process more fun! That is why I cover my canvases with everyday objects such as pliers, screwdrivers, or my "Lady in the Bath" with her rich red curls and naked knees showing flirtatiously above the surface of the water...

...and why not? The most amusing and inspiring thing to me is combining needlepoint -this exquisite, refined style of embroidery that dates back to Medieval times- with a little irony and indulgence.
I have a smile on my face throughout the whole process, from creating the design to the slow and patient stitching on the canvas.
I believe that smiles and laughter are perfect remedies to cure everyday sorrows and I secretly hope that my projects will bring a smile to your face!

Strong Man



What was the first design you created?
Oh, it was some pattern inspired by Missoni designs. I took a notebook, borrowed some crayons from my small daughters, and started to draw by hand, square by square. At first it wasn't perfect, but it was a necessary step in my development. 
Now I use a special graphics program. While planning my design, I think about it constantly. Simplicity is my first aim, but then I tweak my ideas and make them funkier.

Hung On Pouch

Bottles Bag

Bottle Clutch

Do you have special types of yarn, needles or fabric that you use?
I use natural yarns and fabric, mostly wool, flax and cotton. The colors and their different shades are especially important to me. After all these years of stitching, I've found the one needle that fits me and feels the best in my fingers. I keep a spare, so that if one breaks, I always have another one exactly like it. I just use the basic needlepoint stitch which is perfect enough with nothing to change.

On the Blanket

Your work has been featured in several exhibitions. What has that been like? 
Even though I wasn't involved in person, they were all hugely exciting experiences. Obviously, my first one, which was at New York City's Chelsea Art Museum, sent me up to the stars as I never expected any of my work to be in an exhibition!

SCOPE Art  Show - Art Takes Miami                                           Miami, FL     Dec. 2012
Lodz Design  Festival                                                                              Poland       Oct. 2012
International  Contemporary Furniture Fair                         NYC, NY        May 2012
NY International  Gift Fair, section "Accent on Design"    NYC, NY        Jan. 2012
World Leisure  Expo                                                                       Hangzhou, China    2011
Chelsea Art  Museum                                                           NYC, NY                 2011

What is your design inspiration?
Lines, pure form, and minimalism are the things that inspire me the most.  I try very hard to include these in my works. Less is more. One day I will achieve perfection...

Dindon Pouch


Here's where you can follow Kasia:

Also, here's her SeeMe profile!

Thank you, my friend!
I enjoyed this time getting to know you.
My best wishes for continued success & happiness!

All images were used with direct permission from Kasia Urban Rybska.

February 24, 2013

The Art of Golly Bard

Holly Ward Bimba is the talented artist behind Golly Bard.

Holly loves all things natural history, 
and the beauty of the Virginia countryside that she calls home.

As I look at her prints, I notice a common tone in the colors she chooses.
Soft, earthy, cozy.

Some of the things that fuel her imagination and creativity 
are her obsessions with nature and anatomy, and her 
infatuation with things in jars, weather systems, miniatures, and gardens,
among many others.

Watercolor painting is what she likes best. She likes to add a bit or quirkiness to her work.
I'm crazy about her whimsical style!

Golly Bard has a home collection on Spoonflower, 
where you can purchase fabric or wallpaper based on the original watercolor designs.

Here's where you can follow Golly Bard:
Her blog,
and Pinterest.

All images used with direct permission from Holly Ward Bimba of Golly Bard.

February 22, 2013

Little River HotGlass Studio

Get ready to ooh and aah!
Hand blown glass has always been a favorite of mine.
When I happened upon Little River HotGlass Studio,
I knew immediately that I had to share it with you all.
The artistry! The colors!
Eye candy like none other!

After extensive art education and experience in Canada, Michael Trimpol moved to Stowe, Vermont. 
He founded Little River HotGlass Studio, where he creates hand blown glass of incomparable beauty! 

Michael is joined by fellow artists Monique and Chris,
and together, they make it all happen at the studio.

If you visit the studio, you can join the artists out on the floor and watch the process.
They are happy to answer your questions and tell about their craft.
You may purchase an item from their gallery, or have one made while you're there.
Imagine choosing your favorite color combination from among these options:


Perfume bottles.


Michael says this about his craft: 
"I'm proud of the final product but the actual process of creation is what I find most satisfying." 
As we watch this video of him creating one of his gorgeous perfume bottles, 
we can appreciate this time-intensive art and the beauty that results. 

Visit Little River HotGlass Studio's website
to see and learn much more!

Just have to mention that Michael was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
My neck of the woods!

All images were used with direct permission from Little River HotGlass Studio.