June 21, 2018

The Watercolor World of Mary Shepard

Mary Shepard watercolors are beyond compare!
The beautiful states of Texas, Colorado and New Mexico provide
Mary with her subjects and her inspiration.

Kaleidoscope Cactus, above, is my favorite.
I'm sure you'll appreciate Mary's talent as much as I do!

Born to Plow

Turquoise Window

Chicken Clique

Left to Rust

Pears 'n' Chilies

Kitty Shadows

Floral Frenzy

See much more on Mary's website.

Images used with direct permission from Mary Shepard.

June 12, 2018

A Delightful Tea at the Swan House in Findlay, Ohio

What a treat to share high tea with my niece Julie
when I recently visited her in Findlay, Ohio.

We chose the Swan House Tea Room at 225 W Sandusky Street.
Built in 1864, this beautiful home has been renovated and restored several times
through the years to house a medical office, apartments, a beauty shop, 
and then finally today's lovely tea room 
owned and operated today by Kimberly Butler.

A cheery welcome from an antique hat rack.

Plenty of light from tall windows and lovely 
crystal chandeliers hanging from even taller ceilings.

We chose Angel Song and Almond Cookie Green.

Slowing down to sip and savor.
Cherished conversation.
Time well spent.

Delicious delicacies!

And, yes, those are cream puff swans. Perfection.

A tea-loving kitten named Lindsey.

225 W Sandusky Street, Findlay, Ohio

Learn more here:

Grateful for His gift of family!

June 4, 2018

Collections: Unusual Vintage Padlocks

Sometimes it's just fun to see some vintage curiosities.
In this case, old antique padlocks in odd shapes and designs.
Unusual and decorative, function meets art.

An edgy painted padlock is featured in my post

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