October 30, 2016

Lucy Levenson's Fabulous Fabric Folk Art Collages

I am totally in awe! The art of Lucy Levenson is amazing!
She designs lovely folk art collages using fabric and paper that's sewn and glued, 
then she paints details and adds finishing touches with stitches, beads and such.
Textile art with fascinating details and depth! 
Just feast your eyes on her marvelous works of art!

Lucy also makes fabrics for items such as aprons, tea towels,
or pillows like this adorable bride~

Keep up with Lucy here:

Images used with direct permission from Lucy Levenson.

October 28, 2016

Vintage Travel Posters: Washington, DC

I love the retro art of vintage travel posters!
They advertise exciting travel destinations, as well as
the planes or trains that can transport us there.
Many of these works of art are truly frame-worthy.

Having spent a terrific weekend in Washington, DC this summer,
I set off on a search for posters and decided to show off what I found. 

Be inspired to visit our nation's capital for yourself!







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October 26, 2016

Dockside Lunch at The Lobster House, Cape May, NJ

Not many folks who have visited Cape May, New Jersey
are unfamiliar with The Lobster House on Fisherman's Wharf.
It's a well-known restaurant and landmark that's been around for 3 generations.

Don't miss this big guy in the lobby. Caught in 1985, he weighed in at 37 1/4 pounds!

Worth a closer look. Those claws are enormous!

We always stop in at the Fish Market to see what's in its fresh seafood cases. 

Stars of the show.

Tee shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

Although we've eaten in the dining room several times  and 
savored their delicious seafood offerings, we much prefer to 
eat a more casual meal outside on the dock. 

Seated in plastic stacking chairs at wooden spool tables, 
we relax and take in the unique atmosphere beside the harbor.
It's great to watch the boats pass by. You just can't beat this for ambiance!

The food from the Take Out counter or the Raw Bar is always terrific.
 Today's lunch selection - softshell crab sandwiches.

Beautiful views of Cape May Harbor.

Here's a photo of the back of the restaurant.

Moored along the dock is Schooner American, a 130 foot Grand Banks sailing vessel.

Equipped with a full bar and cozy seating, it's an ideal place
to sit outdoors for cocktails and appetizers. 

The Lobster House
906 Schellengers Landing Rd.
Cape May, NJ

Learn more about The Lobster House here:

October 24, 2016

The Cutest Little Sculptures by Sweet Bestiary

Welcome to the world of Sweet Bestiary, courtesy of
Flor Panichelli, who was born in Argentina, but now lives in London.
Little dolls, little animals, and sometimes, well, 
somewhat of a combination thanks to antler caps or fox masks.
There's llamas, mushrooms, and even Frida Kahlo.
Flor's rosy-cheeked creations are imaginative and just plain cute.

Find more of Sweet Bestiary here:

Images used with direct permission from Flor Panichelli.

October 21, 2016

Heart of a Hero: A Hospital Visit from Spider-Man

Imagine a sick young child feeling sad, lonely and afraid in a hospital.
Now imagine the sheer joy a young child would feel about a visit
 from none other than... Spider-Man!

Ricky Mena founded the non-profit organization Heart of a Hero
to lift the spirits of not only those kids who are battling serious illnesses,
but also those who are homeless, in foster care, or have special needs.
Spider-Man has also been known to visit classrooms to talk about bullying.

Superheroes have special ways to encourage kids, to restore their hope,
and to inspire them to have can-do attitudes of optimism.
Laughter, smiles, plus a fun pack of stickers, a mask or other Spidey gifts
add up to a brighter day and a burst of happiness for the kids and their families!

I say, "Hooray for Heart of a Hero", whose mission statement is to
"inspire, motivate and empower children who need it most!"

Can't beat that feeling of invincibility knowing that Spider-Man is on your side!

Read about the story behind Heart of a Hero here:

Here's where YOU can help Heart of a Hero make a difference:
Take Action