October 26, 2016

Dockside Lunch at The Lobster House, Cape May, NJ

Not many folks who have visited Cape May, New Jersey
are unfamiliar with The Lobster House on Fisherman's Wharf.
It's a well-known restaurant and landmark that's been around for 3 generations.

Don't miss this big guy in the lobby. Caught in 1985, he weighed in at 37 1/4 pounds!

Worth a closer look. Those claws are enormous!

We always stop in at the Fish Market to see what's in its fresh seafood cases. 

Stars of the show.

Tee shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

Although we've eaten in the dining room several times  and 
savored their delicious seafood offerings, we much prefer to 
eat a more casual meal outside on the dock. 

Seated in plastic stacking chairs at wooden spool tables, 
we relax and take in the unique atmosphere beside the harbor.
It's great to watch the boats pass by. You just can't beat this for ambiance!

The food from the Take Out counter or the Raw Bar is always terrific.
 Today's lunch selection - softshell crab sandwiches.

Beautiful views of Cape May Harbor.

Here's a photo of the back of the restaurant.

Moored along the dock is Schooner American, a 130 foot Grand Banks sailing vessel.

Equipped with a full bar and cozy seating, it's an ideal place
to sit outdoors for cocktails and appetizers. 

The Lobster House
906 Schellengers Landing Rd.
Cape May, NJ

Learn more about The Lobster House here:

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