October 10, 2016

Our Ever-Popular Bacon Taco Dip

This recipe has been around for years. Tried & true delish!
I've brought it to many parties and served it at even more of my own.
It's always a hit. Always.
Two wonderful things are combined: a Mexican dip and bacon.
Bring out a bag of tortilla chips and it won't last long.

Bacon Taco Dip
8 oz. brick of cream cheese, softened
1/2 C sour cream
1/2 C ranch dressing
taco sauce
diced onion
chopped tomato (I give mine a squeeze to get rid of extra liquid.)
5 slices chopped crisp bacon
shredded cheddar cheese

(I can't stress this enough: allow time for the cream cheese to soften.) 
Combine first 3 ingredients in a mixer until thoroughly blended.
Spread into a 10" pie plate. I like to use a quiche dish.

Pour about 1/2 C of taco sauce onto the cheese mixture.
Tilt the plate to spread around.

Layer onion, tomato and bacon.
Sprinkle cheese on top.

Serve with tortilla chips.

(Is it a Rorschach test?)

Key ingredient: taco sauce. Do not substitute salsa for this.

Aaaah. There's that bacon.
I'm a vegetarian, but if there's one thing that will cause me to fall off the wagon,
bacon will be the culprit. Even just the smell of it!

The layered perfection of onion, tomato and bacon!

I beseech you: Stop buying bags of pre-shredded cheese!
I went through years of buying only pre-shredded, for the sake of convenience.
Then I heard that they add cellulose (which is cotton or wood pulp) 
to keep the cheese from clumping.
Yuck. No, thank you.
Drag out your food processor or dig out your box grater 
and buy your cheese in blocks to shred yourself. 
Bonus- it actually tastes better than pre-shredded.

Cover the top of the dip with cheddar cheese.
I often use both white and yellow cheese because I like the look of the mix.

I am guaranteeing that you'll love this dip.
I've tasted many layered Mexican dips and this one is a cut above.
You're welcome.

A shout-out to my girlfriend Virginia, who gave me this recipe!

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