October 21, 2016

Heart of a Hero: A Hospital Visit from Spider-Man

Imagine a sick young child feeling sad, lonely and afraid in a hospital.
Now imagine the sheer joy a young child would feel about a visit
 from none other than... Spider-Man!

Ricky Mena founded the non-profit organization Heart of a Hero
to lift the spirits of not only those kids who are battling serious illnesses,
but also those who are homeless, in foster care, or have special needs.
Spider-Man has also been known to visit classrooms to talk about bullying.

Superheroes have special ways to encourage kids, to restore their hope,
and to inspire them to have can-do attitudes of optimism.
Laughter, smiles, plus a fun pack of stickers, a mask or other Spidey gifts
add up to a brighter day and a burst of happiness for the kids and their families!

I say, "Hooray for Heart of a Hero", whose mission statement is to
"inspire, motivate and empower children who need it most!"

Can't beat that feeling of invincibility knowing that Spider-Man is on your side!

Read about the story behind Heart of a Hero here:

Here's where YOU can help Heart of a Hero make a difference:
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