February 24, 2013

The Art of Golly Bard

Holly Ward Bimba is the talented artist behind Golly Bard.

Holly loves all things natural history, 
and the beauty of the Virginia countryside that she calls home.

As I look at her prints, I notice a common tone in the colors she chooses.
Soft, earthy, cozy.

Some of the things that fuel her imagination and creativity 
are her obsessions with nature and anatomy, and her 
infatuation with things in jars, weather systems, miniatures, and gardens,
among many others.

Watercolor painting is what she likes best. She likes to add a bit or quirkiness to her work.
I'm crazy about her whimsical style!

Golly Bard has a home collection on Spoonflower, 
where you can purchase fabric or wallpaper based on the original watercolor designs.

Here's where you can follow Golly Bard:
Her blog,
and Pinterest.

All images used with direct permission from Holly Ward Bimba of Golly Bard.


  1. Thank you for such a lovely feature on your blog! I'm honored to be here!


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