February 18, 2013

Jim Power & The Mosaic Trail


Meet Jim Power. 
Twenty-five years ago, he was dubbed "The Mosaic Man" by the The Village Voice.
He creates mosaics on the light posts in New York City's East Village.
His goal is to cover 80 posts, each with a theme centered around well-known people, landmarks or events associated with the neighborhood. His work has become known as "The Mosaic Trail".


I know you'll enjoy hearing more of Jim's story in this YouTube video:

His dedication sure shows his love for his city and the people in it!
Catch up with Jim on his Facebook page
or on his website, where you can make a donation to support his art.

Take a closer look!



Jim has gift items and T-shirts available on CafePress...



...and one-of-a-kind, handcrafted mosaic belt buckles on his Etsy shop.


Paradise Island

Horse of a Different Color

We appreciate your talent, Jim, 
and we thank you for beautifying our streets, our country, our world!

Etsy photos used with permission from Jim Power.

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  1. Enjoyed the video of Jim and his dog contributing to the community as he knows best!


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