February 22, 2013

Little River HotGlass Studio

Get ready to ooh and aah!
Hand blown glass has always been a favorite of mine.
When I happened upon Little River HotGlass Studio,
I knew immediately that I had to share it with you all.
The artistry! The colors!
Eye candy like none other!

After extensive art education and experience in Canada, Michael Trimpol moved to Stowe, Vermont. 
He founded Little River HotGlass Studio, where he creates hand blown glass of incomparable beauty! 

Michael is joined by fellow artists Monique and Chris,
and together, they make it all happen at the studio.

If you visit the studio, you can join the artists out on the floor and watch the process.
They are happy to answer your questions and tell about their craft.
You may purchase an item from their gallery, or have one made while you're there.
Imagine choosing your favorite color combination from among these options:


Perfume bottles.


Michael says this about his craft: 
"I'm proud of the final product but the actual process of creation is what I find most satisfying." 
As we watch this video of him creating one of his gorgeous perfume bottles, 
we can appreciate this time-intensive art and the beauty that results. 

Visit Little River HotGlass Studio's website
to see and learn much more!

Just have to mention that Michael was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
My neck of the woods!

All images were used with direct permission from Little River HotGlass Studio.

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  1. WOW, Great video, who knew that much work went into a piece. Beautiful glass !


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