February 9, 2013

Eli Halpin Oil Paintings

Peacock in Orange Copper

Eli, which is short for Elizabeth, Halpin is a supremely talented artist. 
Her oil paintings are a grand display of bright, bold color! 
A native of Alaska, she now lives in Austin, Texas.

Eli paints on old recycled wood doors.
Along with her oil paints, she'll often use acrylic or spray paint.
She also likes to incorporate glass, fabric, lace, gemstones, pearls, buttons, and found objects.

Her favorite subjects to paint, she says, are "paws, cheeks, whiskers, horns, tusks and claws."

Enjoy this gallery of her lively works of art!

Beautiful Walrus Tusks

Barn Owl Family Portrait

Striped Elephant in Iridescent Blue

Beauty Marks

Pomegranate Tree

Grizzly Cubs

Hog Kiss

Three Llamas in Iridescent Amethyst

Sea Turtle in French Ultramarine Blue

Sheep Family in Metallic Aqua Marine

Nests in Birch Tree Branches

Beautiful Bucks

Whooping Crane in Stars

You can see lots more of Eli's paintings here and find out where they can be purchased.

She also has a website called Eli Halpin Not Oil Paintings, where you can buy her art as
prints, cards, magnets, glass cutting boards, and iPhone cases!

All images have been published with direct permission from Eli Halpin.


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  2. Nice work Luann, my favorite paintings are koi fish with koi pond and other fishes too


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