December 21, 2013

Cork & Cap Restaurant - Lancaster, PA


While visiting Lancaster, Pennsylvania ( one of my favorite towns),
we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Cork & Cap Restaurant.
Upon hearing its history, I just knew I'd have to share it with you!

The Cork & Cap is in the gorgeous Cork Factory Hotel,
which is part of a complex called Urban Place.

The construction of Urban Place dates back to 1865. 
Ten years after that, the Lancaster Cork Company opened.
Lancaster Cork later became Armstrong Cork, 
which in the 60's then became Kerr Glass Manufacturing, producer of bottles and caps. 
Aha! We now understand whence the hotel and restaurant acquired their monikers.

In 2004, the Baldwin Family of Lancaster County began restoring the complex
into what is now the 300,000 square foot site of luxury apartments,
upscale lodging and dining, and modern retail and commercial businesses.  


This tall, brick smoke stack is the centerpiece of the complex.


An iron door at its base reads:

The Rust Engineering Co
Pittsburgh PA
Rust Associates Ltd
Montreal Que
Engineers     Constructors
Chimney Builders


Cork-covered walls in the hotel lobby acknowledge the building's history.



Exposed wood beams, antiques as wall art, and original
brick and stone walls create a cozy atmosphere of rustic authenticity.




Cork & Cap Restaurant
480 New Holland Ave. Lancaster, PA

Here's the Urban Place website.

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  1. Very unique. Great to see old buildings re-used.


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