December 23, 2013

Mouses Houses


Adorable, right?
Since childhood, Maggie Rudy has loved mice.
In fact, her father gave her the nickname "Maggie Mouse!"
It's no wonder, then, that mice are the subject of her cuter-than-cute artistry.

Maggie's mice are not for sale; she creates them to illustrate her books.
 The House that Mouse Built is available through Amazon.

Maggie uses felt and pipe cleaners to make her adorable mice.
Don't they just tickle your fancy?

As she puts together the detailed props and background for each scene,
it's fun to see the imaginative ways in which the mice
make their tiny furniture and such from "people things!"
Bottle caps, seed pods, match boxes, or spools of thread
take on new uses in this miniature world.

Card Game

Mouse Maker (a self-portrait?)

Pin the Tail on the Kitty

Pink Girls




Jump Rope

Good Book
(This scene seems a quite familiar...Love ya, Honey!)

Visit Maggie's website, Mouses Houses.

Images used with direct permission from Maggie Rudy.


  1. WOw! Wow! love it! love it! love it!!

    1. Me too, Pamela! Thanks for the extremely positive feedback - haha! Stop back and visit My Paisley World again soon! ;)


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