March 26, 2017

Corrie ten Boom's Embroidery: Despite the Knots & Tangles in Life, by Faith, There is a Crown

Corrie ten Boom used this fabric when she taught about
trusting God's perspective. We can't see what He sees.

What a beautiful, tangible illustration of God's presence in our lives!
The image on the right, as those of us who do stitchery know,
shows the underside of a project. It's where all the knotted thread ends up,
very often in a tangled, chaotic mess!
On the flip side, however, we see the project as it is intended to be;
a beautiful crown, embroidered with love and tender care.

We can't seem to get our acts together.
We're a bunched up, stressed out, tangled mess.
We procrastinate. We choose the easy way.
We stand back instead of standing tall.
We remain comfortable instead of reaching beyond.
We stay silent instead of speaking up or speaking out.
We keep still instead of stepping forward.

We're distracted, disgruntled, disinclined.
We run away instead of running toward.
 We find excuses not to read His Word.
We fret and worry instead of bowing in prayer.
Our trust is in men and not in God.
We look away when we should look to Him.
We get tripped up and stumble.
We fall. We fail.

And yet~
Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we are royalty.
He is a God of forgiveness, of mercy, of love.
We are daughters of a king.
Not just any king.
The King of Kings.

He sees the crown.
"The crown of righteousness..." 2 Timothy 4:8
"The crown of life..." James 1:12
"The crown of glory..." 1 Peter 5:4

Know that in the midst of our knotted, tangled lives, the Lord is always there, 
waiting for us to come to Him to receive our crowns.

With thanks to for sharing a photo of this embroidery, 
which is hanging at the Corrie ten Boom Museum in Haarlem, Holland.

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