March 2, 2017

Those Heavenly Dutch Waffle Treats Called Stroopies

Ever hear of a stroopie
Neither had I, until I stopped at the booth for the Stroopie Company
at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. I learned that the business is based in Lancaster, PA,
and after tasting a yummy sample, I was eager to hear more about it!

Stroopies, short for stoopwafels, are Dutch cookies made with waffle irons.
These sweet, cinnamon treats have a gooey layer of homemade caramel inside.

While at the Farm Show, I had the pleasure of meeting the
store manager, Adrianne and her helper mom, 
along with Mary, a refugee from Myanmar.
As a social enterprise, the Stroopie Company helps provide 
employment to the refugee population that is re-settling in Lancaster.

As if stroopies aren't delicious enough as is, they can also be half-dipped
into chocolate (from Wilbur's in nearby Lititz, PA), 
and sprinkled with extras like crushed peppermint or chopped nuts. 
There are even gluten-free stroopies!

Ooooh, party trays!

So, of course I brought some home with me.
I tried out a popular way of enjoying stroopies:
placing one atop a mug of hot tea or coffee
allowing the steam to gently warm it.

Links where you can learn more:
Stroopies are sold at the Lancaster Sweet Shoppe  
located at 141 N. Duke Street Lancaster, PA.

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