March 21, 2017

Amazing Driftwood Sculptures at Baliker Gallery

The Baliker Gallery in Florida is a must-see if you're in the area!
It's located at 5928 North Oceanshore Boulevard in Palm Coast.

Paul Baliker collects driftwood branches and stumps with the roots attached.
Many of his findings were stockpiled in the courtyard in front of the gallery.

Paul envisions what each piece could become,
then works his magic by carving out the details.
Absolutely fascinating!

We loved the variety of sea life represented in this huge sculpture!

A closer look-

And inside the gallery...

An impressive owl mirror with a photographer's reflection.

This seahorse is my favorite piece!

Much more here:


  1. Lu, I absolutely love your Blog!
    What makes the reddish color in the driftwood? Is that added by the artist or natural to the wood? I am taken with the facial expressions of the old gentlemen Baliker carves. The sweet communication between the bird and the man. Soulful stuff. Thanks for making my day brighter and deeper!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Julie! Isn't his work absolutely fascinating? I believe the red color is a stain. Happy that you enjoyed the post. Art can be so cool, can't it? There really are lots of talented people in our world.


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