March 7, 2017

Little Free Library Spotting in Belmar, New Jersey!

Quite a while ago, I had heard about Little Free Libraries, but I'd never seen one.
Being a voracious reader and advocate of libraries, I'm intrigued by the concept.

On a recent trip to Belmar, New Jersey, we were driving along, 
and I yelped to my husband, "Pull over, pull over!"
I had spotted a Little Free Library!
I hopped out for an inspection and to snap some photos.
(The hubby no doubt knew that there was a blog post in the works.)

It definitely caught my attention with a cool geometric design 
and a blazing yellow lightning bolt on its glass door.

The inside was just stuffed with books!

So, what's the idea behind Little Free Libraries? 
Anyone can build and maintain a library.
The purpose? To bring a sense of community, to encourage creativity,
to make books available, and to cultivate reading.
It's on a take one, leave one basis.

There are over 50,000 Little Free Libraries located in all 50 states of the USA!
Plus, this has gone global; they're in 70 different countries!

The website gives tons of information on how you can become a "steward,"
including free building plans and ongoing support from their staff.
There's even a map that helps you find locations near you!
(The one we saw in New Jersey is on 6th Ave. in Belmar.
It is not listed on the website's map.)

Here are photos of more Little Free Libraries~

More information can be found here:

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