March 5, 2017

Ann Carrington's Brilliant Silverware Floral Sculptures

British artist Ann Carrington is multi-talented.
Today, I'm showing off her ingenious floral sculptures,
which she's created with thousands of pieces of silverware.
She seems to mostly have used spoons as layered petals, 
but also forks, knives and even some serving pieces.
Notice how the aged patinas give a rich glow. 
She's clustered, bent and curved each piece to resemble gorgeous
flowers in centerpieces and swags that are truly striking!

Find more of Ann's art here:

Images used with direct permission from Ann Carrington.


  1. Replies
    1. Agreed! What creativity and talent, right? Ann's sculptures are spectacular works of art! Thanks for the comment, Niki. <3 LuAnn


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