January 5, 2017

Marvelous Retro Finds at Mid Century Madness - Adamstown, PA


  Mid-Century Madness is my favorite vendor in the Mad Hatter Antique Mall.
It's located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in Adamstown,
which is known as Antiques Capital, USA.
Their selection of fifties modern collectibles is unsurpassed! 
The displays are impeccably and imaginatively organized,
making a walk through the aisles a pleasant trip back in time.
It's a veritable Retro-Wonderland!

How about this assortment of chandeliers?

A great kiddie-size table & chair set in classic pink & black.

What a selection of vintage aprons & tablecloths!

I always love to look at vintage globes.

This photo is also featured in my blog post

Even bathroom hampers & scales! (There's that pink & black again.)

Catherineholm & Dansk cookware.

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61 Willow Street
Adamstown, Pennsylvania 19501

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