December 2, 2016

A Stroll Through the Mad Hatter Antique Mall in Adamstown, PA

Adamstown is the antique capital of Pennsylvania,
so I knew that eventually I'd need to make a road trip there!

When that day arrived, I chose Mad Hatter Antiques for my first stop.
It's name was given since the building used to be a hat factory!
After a 2008 renovation, the 15,000 square feet of space 
took on a new life, housing over 100 antique vendors. 

This chandelier is pretty similar to the one that was in my 
childhood home, so I got some serious warm-fuzzies!

This gets my blue ribbon award for the most unique item:
a wooden Texas-shaped display of various types of barbed wire!

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Mad Hatter Antique Mall
61 Willow Street
Adamstown, PA 19501

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  1. Do you have a pots and pans set, yellow with different color daisies on them? I saw them there the 1st and only visit.


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