December 29, 2016

A Fabulous Lunch at El Vez in Philly

We fell in love with El Vez!
This Starr Restaurant is located at 121 S. 13th St. in Philadelphia.
They claim it's where "Mexican-American meets East L.A. in a Tijuana Taxi!"

Located on the corner of this city block, the bright mosaic entrance attracts attention.

Zooming in: a delight for mosaic fans like me.

The decor packs a punch: more mosaic, retro vibes & purple velvet.
A groovy rotating banana-seated bike is the bar's centerpiece. 
Such a funky, artsy, energetic atmosphere!

We ensconced ourselves in a swanky gold-velvet banquette.

Notice the fabulous wall art.
Lots of mini dioramas depicting the Dia De La Meurta of Mexico.

Our meals were excellent! And the service? The best!

Looking forward to gathering some friends for a return visit!

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