December 24, 2016

Lovin' Those Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees

I was delighted to see lots of vintage ceramic Christmas trees 
while shopping at Adamstown, PA's Mad Hatter Antique Mall.
So many, in fact, that I felt justified to show them off 
with a blog post of their very own.

Different sizes and styles. Green or white glazes.
Multi-color or all one color lights shaped like flames, balls or birds.
Snow tipped boughs, or not. Glitter, or not. Star on top, or not.
It was fun to see the variety.

Mid Century Madness

Maybe a big reason why I'm attracted to them is because way back in 1985,
I attended ceramics classes at a local shop and made one of my own,
which I gifted to my then soon-to-be mother and father-in-law!
And here it is~


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