January 23, 2017

Spotting Random Street Art in Philly

I love art and those who create it.
As I traipsed along a sidewalk in the University City area of Philadelphia,
an unusual mass of plastic baubles caught my eye and drew me over.
What a find!
A real collection of miscellaneous plastic stuff.
I recognized it right away as a fun form of "street art" 
 and decided that it was worthy of a nod of appreciation.
I circled it a few times, snapping photos, marveling at the creative genius. 

Tiny trinkets were wired together around a sign post.
Such a conglomeration of odds & ends!
A suction cup dart. Donald Duck.
A toy firetruck. A crab.
Plastic beads.
An "UNO" playing card.
A Spider Man action figure leg.
A whistle. A kazoo.
Clifford the Big Red Dog.

It really reminded me of the phenomenon called yarn bombing-
on the order of graffiti with a crafty bent for the knit and crochet set.
(I did a blog post on yarn bombing a while back, which you can read here.)

Sad to say, this artist must go un-named,
but whomever it was, without a doubt, had a great time
creating this burst of self-expression!
I know you're out there somewhere,
and if you happen to see this humble blog post,
know that your artistry has not gone un-noticed & unappreciated!
You brought a smile to my day. Hats off to you!

I wonder if it's still there.  I hope so.

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