August 30, 2014

Yarn Bombing!

Yarn bombing.
It's a warm and fuzzy (quite literally!) type of street art.

Crafty knitters and crocheters are leaving their creative marks on
benches, trees and bike racks; any public place that could use a bit of brightening
can be dressed with colorful graffiti-like expressions!
Unlike graffiti, however, this can be removed at any time-if you really want to.

Without a plan or pattern, the resulting designs are often made from leftover yarn scraps.
What a cozy way to bring a smile to passersby!

So, who started this craze? Her name is Magda Sayeg of Houston, Texas.
In 2005, hoping to jazz up the exterior of her shop, she knitted a cover
for her door handle, and one for a nearby street sign.
After receiving great positive feedback, she yarn bombed drab neighborhoods near and far.
Since then, yarn bombing caught on as a fun phenomenon around the globe.

The Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh, PA was the unsuspecting target
of a yarn bombing event called "Knit the Bridge."

For more information:
Magda Sayeg
Knit the Bridge

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