January 19, 2017

Capogiro Gelato Artisans ~ Over-the-Top!

I am a true-blue ice cream lover. The word "fiend" may say it better.
Gelato, however, kicks it up to a whole new level.
In particular, Capogiro gelato is my favorite. It just doesn't get any better!

Sharing some photos of a Capogiro we frequent,
located at 119 South 13th Street in Philadelphia.

They are true gelato "artisans."
( made in a traditional or non-mechanized way using high-quality ingredients)

The decor is modern and trendy. 
Arched ceiling treatment, exposed brick, distressed wood floor.

Oh, the creamy, fluffy, velvety goodness!
Did I mention that I love gelato?

If you aren't sure what gelato is, you're not alone.
Read this description that I cut from the website of one of the few places outside of Philly that carries Capogiro gelato, Mon Aimee Chocolate, in Pittsburgh, PA:

What is Gelato? 
The word gelato simply means frozen in Italian. Making gelato is a true handcrafted form of art for the palate.
Gelato is a creamy low-fat ice cream style product. The United States Department of Agriculture requires frozen confections labeled “ice cream” to contain a minimum of 10% butterfat. Fat is what gives typical American ice cream its smooth texture. True gelato butterfat is 8%. Capogiro Gelato Artisans makes gelato with a butterfat content of only 6%-7%! Gelato offers a more intense flavor than typical ice cream because the flavor is not hidden by an overabundance of fat.
The reason gelato has such a silky texture without all of the butterfat is the way it is frozen. American ice cream typically has 50 to 100% air pumped into the liquid as its being frozen. Gelato overrun is 20%. This produces an incredibly unique smoothness and a truly creamy product.
Capogiro gelato combines the intensity of seasonal products and premium ingredients to offer the most robust, complex, and fresh flavor imaginable.

Don't you love these terrific cobalt blue pendant lamps?

Oops. We dove right in before pausing a sec for a photo.
I chose cioccolato and dulce de leche -a perfect combination.
Absolutely decadent!

Their coffee is also excellent.

The Capogiro website.

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