June 7, 2014

Leif ~ Let's Go Shopping!

I really enjoy shopping on the web.
I remember back in the day, I was so afraid.
Just the thought of typing in my credit card number and releasing my money to the world!
Holding my breath before pulling the trigger for that very first online purchase. 
Ha! Got over that real fast!

Anyway, what I've come to realize is how very many online shops are out there
and we're not even aware that they exist. It's a real pity!
Beyond my usual stops at L.L. Bean, Talbots, Macy's, etc., (the big-name companies),
there are tons of fabulous specialty stores just filled with unique & clever items. 
Some also have physical stores, (known as "brick and mortars" in the business), and some do not.

I thought I'd share several of my great online finds with you,
with a few of my favorite items featured to give you a feel for the place.
Thus starts a new series I am entitling "Let's Go Shopping!"
Also- I'd love it if you passed along tips for super online shopping sites that you've found!

The opening post for this series is Leif!
Based in Brooklyn, NY, Leif was founded in 2011 by Stacy Anne Longenecker.

Many of you know of my thing for succulents - (here's a post on that: Sassy Succulents.)
So, the item that drew me in is pictured above.

>>>Cacti Tealight Candle Set<<<
Are they not the cutest?
A set of 6 for $20.

There's more ahead!
Join me at Leif and Let's go Shopping! 

>>>Paloma Triangle Coaster Set<<<
Jazzy birchwood coasters by Wolfum. $34.

>>>Passport Pocket Notebook Set<<<
Ideal travel journals!
By Rifle Paper Co., set of 2. $12

>>>Nouveau Serving Set<<<
Serve your salads with pizzazz!
Bold colors, acrylic, $35.

>>>Extra Pur Bar Soap Set<<<
Here's a set of 3 soaps in bright packaging for a perfect hostess gift at $20.
Triple-milled means long lasting. Made of pure vegetable ingredients.
The scents are Mediterranean Sea, Verbena & Grapefruit.

>>>Mosaic Zip-Around Wallet<<<
Cool water-colored pastels. Lots of handy compartments.
Textured faux leather. $48. 

>>>Starry Serving Tray<<<
A trendy geometric pattern in classic black & white.
By Piano Nobile, melamine, 14" x 10", $40.

>>>Striped Lidded Storage Basket<<<
Imagine the things you can stow in one of these,
not to mention, it's a smart piece adding a snap to your decor!
13" x 9", $45

>>>Constellation Matches<<<
A cleverly covered box of matches 
is way more chic than one of those clicking lighters. 
Leave it out on the table next to your candle, it's that cute. $4.

>>>Lacquer Bento Lunch Box<<<
Total fun in coral, rose, peppermint or white. $32.

Here are some of the things that Stacy says illustrate the "Leif Lifestyle":
"...a collection of vintage glass bottles that span the colors of the rainbow,
old botanical and anatomical prints,
Meyer lemon butter on freshly baked scones,
various breeds of succulents scattered throughout the home,
a garden full of vegetables, a couch filled with colorful pillows,
freshly cut flowers on a reclaimed wood kitchen table..."
Yes, yes and yes!

Here's the Leif website!

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