January 20, 2014

Sassy Succulents!


I've been smitten with succulents for some time now.
I"ve see them on Pinterest and notice them everywhere!

I decided it was high time to head out to get some for myself.
They'd add an earthy, natural touch to my decor.
Plus, I hear they're very easy to take care of.


Lots of choices at the store.
I wanted a mix of cacti and their friendlier brothers without spikes.

Here's what I ended up with.
(Also brought over a pot of Hen & Chicks that I already had.)


Gathered up some pots from around the house that were being used for other purposes.
Although a few were purchased from stores, I had a couple that were handed down to me, 
some from handmade pottery shops, and a few were flea market or antique store finds.


The mess begins on my newspaper-covered kitchen table.


And messier still. Dirt on the floor, dirt on me.


Finished and so happy with how they look!


This green stoneware planter was my mom's.
It's mid-century vintage. Mom would've loved seeing me use it this way.


I picked up this shallow hand-thrown pottery dish at a shop in the Poconos for $3.00! 
What a find! When I saw it, I had envisioned using it for this exact purpose.



Now to find a home for each one.
Here's what I came up with. Lovin' the results!

Ideal spot on the windowsill above my kitchen sink~


The jade plant goes next to the kitchen hearth~


Fits perfectly on this sunny windowsill~


Grouped in a basket tray for the living room coffee table~


What a fun project!


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