January 8, 2014

Lisa Congdon’s Nordic-Inspired Art


Lisa Congdon, of Oakland, California, is a successful artist, author and illustrator.
Not only that, but she has also licensed her art for fabric, bedding, kitchen linens, & wallpaper.

Lisa's Nordic-inspired collection is perfectly suited for these cold 
January days, with our wintry Pennsylvania temps in the single digits!

So, what, geographically speaking, is meant by "Nordic?"
The root word "nord" is French for "north", and so by "Nordic", 
we refer to the northern European countries of 
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland.
They're also known as Scandinavia.


 I was drawn to Lisa's choices of bold colors.
Her brightly patterned collages within her drawings pack a lively punch!

Folk Haus

Sami Woman

Folk Forest

Polar Bear No. 2


Sami Girl

Hooded Reindeer

Nordic Fisherman

Visit Lisa Congdon Art & Illustration's

Images used with direct permission from Lisa Congdon.

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