January 28, 2014

Snow Art by Simon Beck

An avid skier, Simon Beck owns an apartment at the Les Arcs ski resort in France.
One day, après-ski, he set out for a nearby snow-covered lake, and 
for the fun of it, planned out a design and walked its outline in the snow.
Deciding that snowshoes would make the process easier,
he was soon creating more intricate patterns, taking photos and posting them online.

Surely his background in orienteering and map making 
help him to plan out the geometric patterns, 
but he must also have a strong artistic side 
that encourages his creativity to take off!

He draws out a design on paper using a ruler and a protractor, then  heads outside.

His tools of the trade?
A hand-held orienteering compass, a measuring tape,
and a clothesline attached to an anchor for making curves and circles.
Plus, of course, his snowshoed feet.
(snowshoe shod?)

On average, each design takes 10 hours to complete.
That's a lot of great exercise, tromping on what he says is ideally about 9" of snow!

Some areas of concern: safety when walking out onto an ice-covered lake,
keeping warm throughout the day, and finishing with enough daylight left to take photos.

Simon would like to publish a coffee table book with photos of his snow art.

And in case you were wondering...
Yes, as a kid, Simon liked playing with his Spirograph set.

Here's Simon Beck's Snow Art page on Facebook.

Images used with permission from Simon Beck
via https://www.facebook.com/snowart8848.

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