January 3, 2014

Mount Vernon, Virginia


Being a fan of American history,
especially of the American Revolution,
and especially of George Washington,
I had always longed to visit George's Virginia home, Mount Vernon.
It was a real treat to tour the estate and to hear such interesting stories about his life there!

The original one and a half story farmhouse was built in 1735 by George's father. 
Over several decades, George enlarged it to a grand 21 room mansion.

Imagine sitting out on the piazza to enjoy this view of the Potomac River!


An enormous pecan tree beside the house!
(Plus my hubby waiting patiently while I take my pics.)


A long distance view of the front of the mansion.


Closer, showing one of the covered colonnades,
with a glimpse of the river behind it.


Although I enjoyed seeing the mansion's beautiful interior,
I was disappointed that photography wasn't permitted.

Here's one of the outbuildings - the kitchen house.
The marble cutting board and the mortar & pestle are originals.


The stone masonry walls of Mount Vernon are actually wood.
A faux treatment called "rustication" was used.
Pine boards are bevelled and painted, and then sand is thrown on the wet paint.
Pretty nifty for that time period, wasn't it?


George Washington was buried in the original family vault,
just a short walk from the main house.


In his will, Washington gave instructions to have a new vault built.
George's and Martha's remains, plus those of other family members,
were moved to the new tomb.


We had the fortunate timing to be present to watch a wreath-laying ceremony.


"...it is my will and desire that 
all the slaves which I hold in my own right 
shall receive their freedom."
-The Last Will and Testament of George Washington, 1799

Adjacent to the family tomb is a memorial
to the slaves at Mount Vernon.




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  1. I've been there several times and am looking forward to another visit. A definite bucket list item! Great pictures, shame they don't allow inside pics.


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