June 20, 2014

On Playing Monopoly…


We, as a family, have played many games of Monopoly.
Some we've even finished.
When the kids were little, it was something like this:

On a recent camping weekend, the 5 of us, all adults now,
sat down for a "Family Game Night" round of Monopoly.

Notice, purists that we are, our game is the classic edition.
Probably 25 or so years old, the lid is bent with corners split,
requiring a rubber band to stay in place.

Ours was purchased years before the multitude of 
themed versions came on the scene, only some of which include:
The Three Stooges, Muhammad Ali, Star Wars, The Beatles, Power Rangers,
Scooby Doo, The Wizard of Oz, Spider Man, Harley-Davidson, The Smurfs,
Pirates of the Caribbean, Elvis, Harry Potter, and The Godfather.

Plus states, cities and university themes such as
Rhode Island-opoly, Nashville-opoly, and Penn State-opoly.

Would you believe there is even a Bacon-opoly?

No sir, it's the classic edition for us, all the way.
(Although I will confess, we did have Pokemon Yahtzee.)


Like many red-blooded American families, ours is highly competitive.
Cut throat? Absolutely. "You're goin' down!"
I don't fare well when swimming with the sharks, so usually I'm the first one out.
But I love the bantering, bickering, camaraderie and warm-fuzzies of truly playing
a good, old-fashioned board game together, so I'm always up for joining in.


But, wait. Could it be? Things are starting to look good for me. Dare I even hope?



Read 'em and weep!
With hotels, Baby.


And yes, I did the "obnoxious victory dance!"

Read lots of fun Monopoly trivia at the Hasbro website HERE!

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