June 25, 2014

Bucks Knocks Out Hunger!


Friends of mine invited me to join them for a morning of volunteering with the
United Way Bucks County, at an event called Bucks Knocks Out Hunger.
Their fight is made possible by joining resources with thousands of volunteers
to package nutritious meals for the County's food pantries.

The United Way is in partnership with a group called Outreach, Inc.,
who is able to offer supplies at a cost of only 25 cents per meal.

They also work alongside the Hope of the Harvest Charitable Garden at
Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA, where this event took place.


Volunteers don aprons, hair-coverings, and gloves, preparing for the action.
Notice the young lady in the cape: one of the organizer "super heroes" of the event!
Also notice in the foreground the red tools used to seal the bags.
This is a total assembly line project - precisely organized!


Huge bags of beans, rice and such are opened and at the ready.


The mission for our shift was assembling Rice & Beans and Macaroni & Cheese meals.

After sliding an opened bag onto the bottom of  these handy yellow funnels,
we would each dump our ingredient into the bag.
Next, each bag was weighed, adjusted if necessary, and then sealed.
A very efficient set-up! 


Me, Bill & Lynne!


We were assigned to a Rice & Beans table.
Here are the bins with beans, and a soy protein mixture.


A seasoning packet went into each meal bag.
My assignment was adding a scoop of these dried vegetables.


Members of the Delaware Valley College Football Team
were on hand to help out. Good work, Superheroes!


Here's a very quick action shot of the assembly line in process.
There wasn't time for photos while packaging was under way;
it was serious business focusing on the rapid-fire order of assembly.
I couldn't really even converse with anyone - a tough one for me, but I stayed to the task!


Woo-hoo! Our shift reached a goal of 40,000 meals!
Isn't that amazing?
How good it felt to be part of such a worthy effort!


The Mac & Cheese meals.


The Rice & Beans meals.


What a terrific way to give back!
If you'd like to make a donation, volunteer,
or learn more about this fabulous project, here are some links:


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