July 18, 2016

Bees? ... Please!

I've long been attracted to bees. (Just hoping they're not too attracted to me.)
The magnificent architecture of the honeycomb and hive.
The hierarchy of their lives from the royal queen down to those ever-busy workers.
Not to mention the delicious honey, which I adore in my tea!

Here's a great quote:
Draw honey out of the comb of Scripture and live on its sweetness. 
~Charles Spurgeon 

I had a wonderful opportunity to visit a beekeeper & see his honey bees.
You can see my photos and read the post: My Honeybee Adventure!

I also like bee art: patterns, prints and the bee motif on anything and everything.
I have a board on Pinterest called "Bumblebees, Honeybees" that you can check out.

Enjoy this gathering of bees!


Walter Inglis Anderson


A ceramic tile from the Moravian Tile Works in Bucks County, PA.
See my blog post on this wonderful place -here.

Hester Margetson

Bridget Henry


Live Art Gallery Fabrics

Andreas Preis

And finally, sage advice from a honey bee~


  1. Beautiful Bee Art! Thanks for sharing my bee mug. These can be made to order, visit my Etsy site: www.sheaclay.etsy.com

    1. Thank you, Tracy! Your mug is terrific. I've also included a link to your site right under the photo. You have great talent, keep on making such wonderful pottery! :D


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