July 3, 2016

Washed Ashore's Marine Debris Sculptures

Look closely and you'll see that this fearsome shark
is made from a conglomeration of flotsam and jetsam.
It's constructed entirely of marine debris.
Not primarily stuff that was left behind on the beach.
According to the non-profit organization Washed Ashore,
80% of marine debris comes from the land.
That means "streets to streams to rivers to oceans."

Washed Ashore's goal is to educate folks about 
plastic pollution and its dangerous impact on marine habitats.

300 million pounds of plastic are produced every year; 
not even 10% of that ends up being recycled.
Those are eye-opening numbers, my friends.

So take a look at what Washed Ashore has been up to:
Trash is collected from oceans and waterways all over the globe.
From this trash, they build huge sculptures of sea life, 
particularly those species that have been affected by this pollution.
It's amazing art that's a powerful illustration of the enormity of the problem.
The goal is to encourage a change to a more environmentally-minded way of living.

Here's a blue marlin, with a close-up photo below:

School children encouraged to touch and interact as they check out this sculpture,
with the hope that the experience will leave a lasting impression. 

To learn much more, make a donation, 
and find or set up an exhibit, 
visit the Washed Ashore website & Facebook Page.

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