July 5, 2016

Our Riverboat Tour of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

All aboard the Gateway Clipper's River Cruise
for a fantastic tour of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!
Since 1958, the Gateway Clipper fleet has hosted 
sightseeing cruises for over 25 million passengers.
What a perfect addition to our weekend! 

The city of Pittsburgh is situated at the 
juncture of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers; 
they meet to form the Ohio River.

We saw spectacular views of the city from different angles as we 
traveled down the Monongahela, or "The Mon," as it's nicknamed,
then turned up the Allegheny and back again.

Here's the beautiful fountain of the 36-acre Point State Park,
its water shooting 150 feet into the air.
North across the Allegheny River is Heinz Park.

To the left of Heinz Park is the Carnegie Science Center,
with the USS Requin submarine in front.

Heinz Park is the hometown football stadium of
the Pitt Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
To the right, notice the stone wall with the oval center...

It's the Mr. Rogers Memorial, paying tribute to Fred Rogers,
of nearby WQED Studio's popular children's TV show, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

And a close-up of the bronze statue of Mr. Rogers
in his famous shoe-tying pose. He passed away in 2003.


Farther up, we saw PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

More city views-

Passing under the identical Three Sisters Bridges on the Allegheny:
The Roberto Clemente, The Andy Warhol, and The Rachel Carson.
Why the yellow paint? It's called "aztec yellow," 
chosen for the gold (& black) of Pittsburgh's sports teams.

Heading back toward The Point, we can see
The Duquesne Incline across the Monongahela,
with Mount Washington at the top of the hill.

A closer view of the Incline, which we rode and loved!
(A link to that blog post is listed below.)

Here's a photo of something that I'd found so fascinating:
the waters of both rivers coming together at the confluence.
You can see the different colors of each river's water,
soon blending to become the Ohio River.

A terrific front-on shot of Pittsburgh!

More views of the city, and soon our one-hour cruise came to an end.

Our captain and tour guide told us so many interesting details!
I'd absolutely recommend the Gateway Clipper 
river tours to anyone visiting Pittsburgh!

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