June 18, 2016

Vegetarian Brunch at The Zenith in Pittsburgh

Located in Pittsburgh's South Side, The Zenith is a trendy cafe 
serving yummy food that leaves smiles on the faces of vegetarians and vegans.
Aside from the menu, we were blown away by the crazy-cool interior!
An explosion of vintage lamps, furniture, clothing, jewelry, 
kitchenware, wall art and tchotchkes!
A true browser's paradise!

A vingette saluting the Netherlands.

Did I mention jewelry? I simply couldn't pass up this initial pin.
A girl's just gotta buy herself a souvenir sometimes.
(Look in the upper left corner of the photo above. There's my pin before I spotted it!)

We decided to go for their Sunday brunch.
Each table was set with a different combination of vintage linens and glassware.
Along with one of their brunch entrees, a fantastic buffet of salads was included...

...as well as this great selection of bundt cakes for dessert!
(Am I the only one who thought of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?)

The Zenith is located at
86 S. 26th St. in Pittsburgh.

More info here:


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  2. Their vegetarian brunch looks amazing! Happy to read reviews about this place. Looks like a fantastic place to eat out. We are currently searching for vegetarian Seattle Venues for our party. Hoping to find it soon.

  3. So much fun in this blog!
    I learned how to spell "tchotchkes".
    Fun searching for the "L"... providential! The one and only initial was YOURS, Lu!
    Had a giggle about bunnnd-T.
    Loved zooming in on the flavors of course and I pick Lovejoy Lavendar.
    Very enjoyable blog, Lu.
    You know I'm a BIG fan!

    1. Why, thank you for the kind comments, Julie! Glad that My Paisley World can be educational, entertaining, and inspiring! My goals, along with providing some fun eye-candy! Keep reading, and please share with your friends, too! ;)


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