July 24, 2016

Cityscapes by Matte Stephens

Artist Matte Stephens, of New Hampshire, takes inspiration from the mid-century era.
We can see this influence in his illustrations; they're modern yet retro.
Like me, he's a fan of Charles & Ray Eames. (Stay tuned for a post about them.) 
I especially like Matte's cityscapes, whether within the US, or elsewhere in the world. 
I've chosen a few to show you, starting with Seattle, above. 
Enjoy the work of the talented Matt Stephens!


New Orleans


San Francisco


New York City

Here's Matte's book!

On the web:

Images used with direct permission from Matte Stephens.


  1. J'apprécie beaucoup le style et la réalisation, et j'aime le choix des couleurs ! Félicitations à l'artiste, et merci pour cette découverte.
    Bonne journée !


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