January 5, 2016

Touring the Global Aid Network Logistics Center

I was recently given a tour of the Logistics Center 
of a Christian humanitarian organization 
called the Global Aid Network (GAiN®).
Spearheaded by the Josh McDowell Ministry as "Operation Carelift,"
its initial efforts were directed to the then recently dissolved Soviet Union.

This video from the GAiN® website gives a wonderful overview:

The GAiN® mission statement sums things up:

Here's a glimpse around the building, located in Lancaster County, PA.
How impressive to see what is being done here!
And as I learned more about each facet of GAiN®, I was overwhelmed to see 
again and again how the Lord's hand is involved! His provision. 
The stirring of the Holy Spirit to bring thousands of volunteers together 
to extend the love of Jesus to those less fortunate around the globe. 
All in His name and for His glory.

Medical equipment is received and distributed 
to bring better health, mobility and quality of life.

Now I'll explain what brought me to the GAiN® Logistics Center in the first place.
I was there to meet a truck carrying 42 PET® carts, in transit from 
their production point in Stow, Ohio to be distributed abroad by GAiN®.
Read more about it at this link:

This photo shows me with one of the 
Personal Energy Transportation carts at the PET® OH-Stow facility.
You may be interested to read my blog post entitled 

Vince Petno, of PET® OH-Stow, and 
Gerald Mohler, GAiN® Operations Manager, 
with the completed PET® delivery.

Not everyone can make a missionary trip, but we all can make a difference! 
GAiN® provides opportunities for volunteers to share their time, effort and hearts.
Donated items such as clothing, shoes, blankets and school supplies must be sorted and boxed for shipment. Packing events are scheduled throughout the year.
Watch this video to see the action!


Groups form to sew quilt tops into warm blankets.

Folks of all ages and abilities can assemble Gospel Bead Bracelets 
to help explain God's amazing gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Sharing the love of Christ with others.

Rice and beans are packaged and shipped across the world.

The "Seed Harvest Program" gives hope and encouragement 
for people to grow their own food to feed their families.

Our motivation. The words of Jesus.

 As this tally board shows, every volunteer makes a difference!

There is so much more going on at GAiN® than I've highlighted here!
View these links for the big picture~

Info on the Global Aid Network:

ALSO- additional info on the PET® Project :
Mobility Worldwide on Twitter

{As an October 2016 update to this post, I want to share that PET International, 
parent organization of PET OH-Stow and 22 other Affiliates, has changed its name
to Mobility WorldwideThe PET will now be called the Mobility Cart. } 

Many ways to get involved~ volunteer, donate, pray!
You'll be blessed as you bless others!

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