January 25, 2016

Dee Nickerson Paints an Easygoing Lifestyle

I am smitten with the paintings of Dee Nickerson!
They're so detailed. The one above, called Freedom, is my favorite.
That could very well be me walking in my back yard.
Can't you just feel the bite of the cold winter air,
and hear the snow crunch with each of her steps?

Each painting tells a story of the everyday happenings of life
and focuses on the simple pleasures of
catching up on some knitting,
strolling outside in the fresh air,
sipping tea with friends,
or rolling out pie dough.

What I like best is the mood that Dee creates.
A sense of calm. Tranquil repose. 
A quiet ease of living.
See for yourself!

Thinking Ahead

The Wooden House

Collecting the Post


Collecting Some Greenery

Making Pastry

Farm Cottages

Wind of Change

Looking Out

Links to more of Dee Nickerson:

Images used with direct permission from Dee Nickerson.

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