January 22, 2016

Angelica Paez Collages

Angelica Paez combs secondhand shops for ephemera treasures:
vintage postcards, magazines, stamps, receipts, photos and such.
She cleverly combines bits and pieces to create 
imaginative collages, with equally imaginative titles.
No digital work here, just good old scissors and glue.
Sometimes she adds scraps of fabric or thread for embellishment,
or actual stitches as with the collage above, Flapjack Mountain.

Blondie Wouldn't, But Dagwood

Fishy Business

Old Fashioned Values in a Modern World

Big Wigs


Night Sweats

Talk is Cheap

Optical Illusion

Rosy Cheeks



Pigment of Her Imangination

Here's Angelica's website.

Images used with direct permission from Angelica Paez.

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