December 6, 2015

PET® Carts Head to the GAiN® Distribution Center


42 PET® carts have arrived! They were driven from Ohio to Pennsylvania,
one step closer to their final destination, which may be any one of a 
number of developing countries such as Haiti, Vietnam or Guatemala.

Before I go on, let me explain what a PET® is.

An anagram for Personal Energy Transportation, it is a wooden cart powered by hand.
They're given to people who don't have the use of their legs due to diseases,
birth defects, or accidents -which very often involve landmines.
Their lives are turned around!
Now they can look to the future with possibility and hope.
They experience a new dignity, as their only way to get from 
place to place had been by crawling or dragging themselves through the dirt.

Most importantly, these folks are introduced to the 

Gospel of Jesus Christ, in Whose name each PET® is given.
So, along with a new physical life,
they are given the opportunity to receive a new spiritual life
by knowing and accepting Jesus and their Savior.

Here's a photo of me with a PET®, taken at the PET® OH-Stow production site.

lu PET2

This particular delivery was made by volunteers Lee & Vince Petno.
They traveled from PET® OH-Stow to the Mount Joy, PA 
distribution center -The Global Aid Network® (GAiN®).


Mount Joy is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


All 42 boxes are lined up, ready for the next leg of their journey.


A photo with Gerald Mohler, Operations Manager at GAiN. 
who gave us a tour of the place. GAin distributes 80 PET®s per year.


The PET® Project is near and dear to my heart.
Please consider supporting it in prayer,
with a tax-deductible donation, or by volunteering!

For lots more information on the PET Project:

Check out my blog post- 
The PET Brings Mobility & the Love of Christ to Developing Countries
You can see what goes on at the PET® OH-Stow facility
and watch a moving video about the PET® Project.

Also, my follow-up post to this one:
Touring the Global Aid Network Logistics Center.


GAiN Distribution (Logistics) Center on Facebook

{As an October 2016 update to this post, I want to share that PET International, 
parent organization of PET OH-Stow and 22 other Affiliates, has changed its name
to Mobility WorldwideThe PET will now be called the Mobility Cart. } 


  1. LuAnn,
    Thank you so much for your very complete and interesting Blog on PET OH-Stow. We are pleased with your involvement this way.
    I thank the Lord for you!
    Merry Christmas!
    Dick Heasley

    1. Oh, you're so welcome, Dick! If in any small way it can be of help to build awareness of the PET Project - all to God's glory! May the Lord bless you and all those loving volunteers involved! Merry Christmas- LuAnn


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