March 3, 2014

David Galchutt Illustrations

So, here it is, time for Mardi Gras once again.
In celebration, I'm sharing this fantastic painting (above) entitled "Carnival."
It's by David Galchutt, an artist and illustrator in Southern California.
The word that first comes to mind with his paintings is bold.

David likes to paint people - as he says, "the wackier or quirkier, the better."
He comes from artistic roots, and can remember way back to the very day in Kindergarten
when he'd decided that he wanted to be an artist when he grew up!

After enjoying a subscription to  Highlights for Children in grade school,
-Oh, how I, too, loved every issue!-
how cool is it that David now does freelance work for that magazine?

As you look at these colorful paintings, take your time to notice and appreciate 
how each one is just overflowing with details!


Sudden Realization



His Morning Strut

A Captive Audience

A Gathering of Random Objects

Flutter Flock

The Tea Maiden

Here's David's website.
and his Etsy shop, called Artmeister.

Images used with direct permission from David Galchutt.

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  1. I love the vibrant colors he uses.


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