March 7, 2014

Celtic Art: Cast Paper by Kevin Dyer

With a nod to St. Patrick's Day, the Emerald Isle, and all things Irish,
I'd like to show off a shop called Cast Paper by Kevin Dyer!
Kevin artistic talent is combined with his interest in Celtic history to create 
these fabulous paper cast works of art, like the Donegal Stone Celtic Cross, above.

Here's an illustration of the paper casting process that Kevin uses to explain his work.
Seeing the steps taken helps us to appreciate the time involved,
as well as the 3D, detailed textures of each piece.

Celtic Cross

Brigid's Cross

Celtic Cross of Creation

Celtic Family Circle

Celtic Firefighter's Cross

Scottish Thistle

Blue Heron

Celtic Tree of Life

In addition to traditional Celtic art, Kevin's works include
Asian, Western, and fantasy themes.

Find Cast Paper here:

Images used with direct permission from Kevin Dyer.

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