April 8, 2013

Jordan Grace Owens–Portraits & Paper Dolls


Jordan Grace Owens, of Charlottesville, Virginia, is an artist who does custom portraits. 
You'll love her concept of taking your photos and re-interpreting them into modern illustrations!
This double portrait could be of you & your sweetheart, or of your 2 kids or grandkids.
Or how about as a unique gift for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary?
It's presented in a 7x5" frame, with matted ovals adding extra charm.


Now, imagine this idea for an unconventional family portrait: custom paper dolls! 
Jointed arms and legs to boot. They're not toys, but pieces of art. 
Frame them in a shadowbox. What an amazing, memorable gift to give!


When you send Jordan some photos, you can provide details of clothing choices, and other specifics. 
Look at these examples of dolls she's created. Fabulous!




Here's where you can catch up with Jordan Grace Owens:

All images used with direct permission from Jordan.


  1. These portraits are amazing and I'm thankful to have found the perfect wedding gift for my brother and his fiance. Can't wait to see how it turns out. It's just their style and I know they will love it! Thank you. -Carly

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Carly! How cool that you found it through My Paisley World! I know they'll love such a creative and unique gift!
      :) - LuAnn


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