February 27, 2013



Today I'm sharing a selection of gorgeous paisley patterns with you,
in celebration of the first year anniversary of my online shop, Paisley Beading!


In my blog post entitled Paisley Beading on Etsy, I introduced my shop 
and mentioned that I'd fill you in later about how I came up with the name.


I was determined  to find the perfect title to reflect my style and the style of my creations.  
Lots of my ideas were either too cutesy, or too stuffy and elegant.

Yep, I was on a quest for that perfect Goldilocks bowl of porridge.


I thought about the paisley motif, which had always been a favorite of mine.

I've had paisley scarves, shirts, note cards, wrapping paper, beach towels, jewelry and tote bags.
I've always found paisley printed men's neckties to be attractive.
At one time, we had a green paisley print comforter on our bed.


So what I realized is that the paisley has always been around, and it always will be.
All at once, it can be classic and modern. 
Traditional and contemporary. 
Boardroom and Boho.
I had found my name.

From Paisley Beading came this blog, which, as you know, I called My Paisley World.


You can see by the patterns I've collected here that paisley can be old world or new and funky.


The paisley shape has been referred to as a kidney, a droplet, a comma, or a teardrop,
which has been either swirled, twisted or curved.


The origin of paisley is in India and Persia, but it received its name from the town 
Paisley, Scotland, where the paisley design was incorporated into beautiful shawls.
These hand looms had the ability to weave 5 and eventually up to 15 colors, instead of the original 2.


You may recognize that the bandana print has its roots in the paisley pattern.

In 1968, The Beatles went on their well-publicized pilgrimage to India. 
This boosted the popularity of paisley, which, reflecting the culture of India, 
became associated with the hippie, psychedelic styles of the 60's and 70's.  


So, paisley it is! 
Always loved it. Always will.


  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks - appreciate the encouragement!

  3. lovely collection of paisley fabrics.

    1. Thanks, Pat. It is clear that you, too, are a lover of paisley!


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