January 2, 2013


These are Tieks by Gavrieli. A re-vamped version of the ballet flat. 
And all the rage with women across the globe. 
Their combination of comfort and style is off the charts.
Pricey, but are they worth it? Would love to hear from you!

Tieks are made of 100% premium top-grain leather. A single piece of soft leather wraps around the foot to form the shoe's upper. Along with a cushioned instep, the heel area uses cushioning instead of elastic to get that oh-so-comfortable fit.


The lightweight split-sole design makes Tieks flexible. Always "Tiek Blue", by the way, along with the stripe on the back of the heel. They fold into their own drawstring pouch to be tucked into your purse. Worn for their comfort alone, or as a convenient back-up plan when you wear heels. Imagine wearing these on your commute to work, then switching to heels when you arrive at the office.

We're not talking trade-off. There is no sacrificing style for comfort here! Tieks seem to easily take the place of dressy heels. Yes, even higher than high heels. That should be great news for millions of fashionistas out there who pine for comfy feet.


Here are just some of the many choices, priced in the upscale range of $165 to $295.


Tieks are very popular with brides and their bridal parties, to wear as they walk down the aisle, or for later when they head to the dance floor! They're a favorite with women who travel. Pregnant women love them!


For those who would prefer a non-leather option, they offer a vegan line.


They introduced a fun neon collection.


Leopard? Very tempting, indeed.


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