January 19, 2013

Surrealism with Vladimir Kush

Departure of the Winged Ship

Russian artist Vladimir Kush showed interest in art as early as age 7. He began his art career painting propaganda posters for the Russian military. Afterwards, he graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts. 
During hard times, he supported his family by painting portraits on the street. 
His success grew, and he now owns 4 galleries in the United States.
They're located in Maui, HI, Laguna Beach, CA,
and 2 in Las Vegas, NV at Caesar's Palace & Planet Hollywood.

His surrealistic paintings reveal the amazing way he expresses himself through art.
What talent! Each one could be a scene from a fantasy tale or a magical dream world!

Above the Sea Level

Atlas of Wander

African Sonata

Flying Fish

Land of Cervantes

Orchid Family Rollercoaster


Still Life with Mandolin

Pillow Book

Music of the Woods

Images courtesy of Vladimir Kush. View more of his fascinating art here.


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