August 5, 2017

Making the World Mobile with Mobility Carts!

This post is about a non-profit organization called Mobility Worldwide, 
specifically, their affiliate in Stow, Ohio, with which I am very familiar.

Mobility Worldwide is a faith-based group of volunteers who devotes
their time, talents and resources to build and distribute Mobility Carts.
These hand-cranked, three-wheeled carts are given freely,
along with the Good News of Jesus Christ,
to leg-disabled men, women and children in developing countries.
Their disabilities may have resulted from birth defects, disease,
or injury -very often from land mine accidents.

I'm featuring this moving video that really gives 
a great example of what they're all about.
Please take a look~

Your prayer support is welcomed and appreciated.
You can make any size donation to Mobility OH-Stow on their website.

A gift of $300 sponsors a cart in honor of, or in memory of, a loved one.
A decal similar to this one will be placed on the cart!

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