August 1, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright's Amazing Fallingwater

A high point of my recent trip to western Pennsylvania was a tour of
Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece, Fallingwater.
Built in 1937 for the Kaufmann family, the home is situated over a waterfall,
melding the structure and its furnishings with the idyllic mountain setting.
Cantilevers and terraces are only two of its highly recognizable design features.

I wish I could have taken photos of the interior, but photography was not permitted.
Please put this unique landmark on your bucket list; you'll be totally infatuated!

"The concept at the heart of the Fallingwater experience-
the vision of an architecture embedded in the landscape-
evokes a powerful, spiritual connection to the natural world."
-Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.

Enjoy this 4-minute video from YouTube by Frank Carmi.
You'll like its peaceful piano accompaniment.

Learn more at the Fallingwater website.

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