August 19, 2017

A Great Time Kayaking at Ayers Creek Adventures in Berlin, Maryland

Without a doubt, a high point of my summer was kayaking at Ayers Creek Adventures!
What a joy to leave my cares behind and paddle into a world of stress-free serenity!
We all need a regular dose of nature, and Ayers Creek provides the very best.

Located in Berlin, MD, which is very close to Ocean City and Assateague Island, 
Ayers Creek Adventures is owned and operated by Suzy & Steven Taylor.
Each has extensive experience, plus a deep knowledge of and a love for the environment.
They're passionate about sharing the scenic beauty of the creek!

They offer guided eco tours, sunrise and sunset tours,
full moon paddles, and lots of special events throughout the season.
In addition to kayaks, canoes and Stand Up Paddle Boards can be rented. 

The Taylors have a chocolate lab puppy named Finnegan,
who is as friendly as can be, and awfully cute, too!

Suzy and I ventured out in a tandem kayak.

Ah, now this is the life! The still, tranquil, beauty of nature!
We saw a blue heron, and got to watch 2 bald eagles circling peacefully above, 
until an osprey, defending his turf, started pestering them!
Sue says she often sees kingfishers, a favorite of mine.

Suzy enjoys providing interesting facts about the creek, its flora and fauna.
Marsh hibiscus, also called marsh mallows, grow wild along the shore.
The marshmallows we roast originated from this plant!

Sue pulled up one of her crab pots to show me some Maryland blue crabs!

Another shot of Finn, just because he stole my heart.

I really encourage you to add this to your list of places to go!

Contact Info:
Ayers Creek Adventures
8628 Grey Fox Lane
Berlin, MD 21811

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  1. Thank You for coming out and paddling with me on Ayers Creek. I had a blast sharing it with you. Suzy

  2. Love paddling on Ayers Creek! Beautiful, peaceful, and so good for the soul!


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